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The Kenya Vat Calculator is designed to help people to perform free online calculations for VAT rates for goods and services that are VAT registered. Like the online VAT calculator for any other country, this Vat calculator allows you to perform the calculations quickly and even more detailed calculations with more items, products, and services. 

VAT calculator is an easy-to-use tool that makes buying and selling things easier for both consumers and traders. Anyone can use this calculator to calculate the rates, print it out, and keep it for later reference. 

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What are the VAT rates in Kenya?

The 2020 studies of the VAT rates in Kenya show the applicability of the following tax rates: 

VAT Rates



VAT Exempt


Turnover Tax




Standard Rate

Kenya VAT calculation Formula 

The formula varies from country to country and state to state. The VAT calculation formula is essential to know to get the correct calculation results. The VAT calculation formula for Kenya is as follows: 

VAT = a x (b/100)

  • “a” here refers to the services/products in Kenya that are subjected to VAT.
  • “b” refers to the applicable VAT rates in Kenya associated with the services/products. 

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How to perform Quick VAT Calculations?

Performing VAT calculation is simple and straightforward: view the entire screen of the calculator and use the normal menus and links that will support you in processing the information. 

You must view the entire screen of the calculator as it will remove all the unnecessary information, and you will get to focus entirely on the Kenya VAT Calculator. So what you have to is as follows: 

  1. Select the Full-Screen View 
  2. Select “Quick VAT Calculation.” 
  3. Then you will have to enter the product/services price. 
  4. Enter the required values: appropriate VAT rates and others. 
  5. Press “Calculate VAT.” 

Note: You will see a table in front of you that will provide you all the prices for the goods and services in Kenya, the services/products amount due, and the total costs of services or products in Kenya. You can take help from this table while adding the values to the calculator. 

How to Calculate a Detailed VAT Calculation?

If you are desirous of calculating a detailed VAT calculation, you can perform the following simple steps and get the results most efficiently. 

  1. Select Full or Normal View Screen 
  2. Select “Detailed VAT Calculation.” 
  3. Enter the product name and the number of units you are selling. 
  4. Enter the price of the product 
  5. After selecting the relevant VAT rates that apply to your goods in Kenya 
  6. Lastly, click “Add to VAT table.” 

There you go! The detailed Vat calculation process is completed. After calculating for specific items or units, you can also add some more products and find the rates. You will have to add new information in each calculation time, and you will get the total updated amount of the goods in Kenya exclusive or inclusive of VAT.