Free Online VAT Calculator 2022

This website allows you to check vat calculation rate in UK and Ireland other countries!!



Countries Rates
USA 10%
UK 20%
Germany 19%
Philippines 12%
Netherlands 21%
Ireland 20%
Kenya 14%

According to new rules in VAT rates, we have created the new design to our website. Now you can change VAT values and calculate the accurate one. Some businessperson and some organizations need to use a calculator to measure VAT's rate. VAT has to be added to the net amount and the gross amount would be subtracted from the VAT (Value Added Tax).

VAT Calculator: What is this Calculator?

Hello guys!! Welcome here. Today I am here to increase your knowledge about the VAT tax and tell you how to calculate the VAT Tax. We allow you to calculate the VAT percentage by 20% (standard rate) in the sales of your goods. Moreover, you can also change the percentage according to your tax rate on goods. According to my opinion, VAT calculation on this site is accurate than any other website. If you face any difficulty in it, so, feel free to contact us.

The latest rate of the VAT in the UK is 20% which were at 17.5 % on 4th of January 2011. UK Govt had changed the standard rate of VAT on 1 December 2008 which was changed again.

I think, you should setup the VAT Calculator according to your need. If you need any help, contact us. Don't panic with different currency on the results, it is a just constant number, which you can replace euro with pound or $.

What is Value Added Tax?

Value added tax or VAT is basically a small amount that is charged on the sales and purchases of the business. Services are sold at some VAT rate, this VAT rate is paid to the HMRC. In simple word, I would like to define it a tax applied to the business transactions.

Purchase Tax and Selective Employment Tax was replaced with the value-added tax in 1973. This action was taken to give an admission of UK to European Economic Community. At the start, the VAT rate was 17.5% that was reduced to 15%. In January 2010, this reduction ends after thirteen months and then goes to 17.5%. The chancellor had given a statement and presented a Pre-Budget report. According to this report, this short-term reduction was similar to a case of giving 12.5 billion pounds to the workers in order to boost the frugality. In 2011, many financial turmoil companies started promoting it and raise up the values to 20%.

How to calculate VAT rate without a calculator?

If you are not satisfied with the VAT calculator results then you can go for manual calculations. Continue reading the details of the article discussed below:

Before going through the calculations steps I would like to tell you some terms such as VAT-rated rules and VAT-exempt. VAT-rated rules are same as discussed above in the article and applied on large scale businesses, but VAT-exempt is specifically charged to the personal services such as health expense, finance, gambling, insurance, studying at a private institute and so on.

I think I have cleared your concepts about the important terms, now follow up this below mention formula to calculate the VAT manually:

VAT = (Specific Aggregate of VAT charged) - (Total VAT paid for the personal sales)

Are you a businessman? Or going to start your business in the UK or European countries then you should know something about these rules. If you have started a business at small scale and your yearly income doesn’t exceed to £67000 then there is no need to pay VAT. But if it does then you have to pay VAT by 20%.

I have tried to cover up all the basic information about the VAT and shared guidelines with you. If I think like a businessman then I must register for VAT before starting my business in the UK. I have shared my opinion with you. You should feel free to share your thoughts with me as well. Stay blessed