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In the United Kingdom when there a business charging you the defined VAT it means they are collecting this money for the HM Revenue & Customs. In case a business is registered for this tax, they are allowed to claim the VAT that they have already paid during the purchase.

This one calculator can be used easily online and gives you the accurate result for calculating simple VAT on the products and services inclusive of this tax. Example including 40/month - 0.00$ - 0.03

Most of the people living in the UK know what VAT means but for every one of you who don't have any idea here is a little bit of introduction about what VAT actually is, how it is different than other forms of tax in the United Kingdom and how it is calculated.

The value-added tax applied on the imported products at the time of their landing in the UK is calculated through 10/month - 0.00$ - 0.01.

VAT basically stands for Value Added Tax. In some of the countries, GST is used instead of VAT, which means Goods and Services tax. However, both are different but almost serve the same purpose. The VAT is applicable to services and products, higher the rate of goods and services more will be the tax.

The amount of VAT to be paid by the consumer differs on the basis of locality and laws. There are certain goods and services which are exempted from such taxes (an example including duty-free shops in airports). In order to calculate your Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UK, you will need to make calculations at the point of charging this tax on the products.

Different types of VAT Calculators in the UK include:

  • VAT Percentage Calculator UK:

The percentage of VAT in the UK is calculated by 20/month - 0.00$ - 0.03.

  • Import VAT Machine:

In Import tax calculator of the UK, the VAT must be applied and paid before the products are cleared at customs.

The formula is: Product price on the commercial invoice (e.g. R100) + 10% of commercial invoice e.g 210/month - 019$ - 0.04

  • Reverse Mode (Removing):

In order to calculate the Reverse Value Added Tax Calculator UK, you need to divide the price including VAT by 1.2. e.g 50/month - 0.00$ - 0.01

  • Import Duty:

The import and customs duty is estimated on the value of the product at the time when it lands on the UK ground. It usually ranges from 20/month - 0.00$ - 0.03.

The duty charges applied on the goods coming from any non-European state usually depend upon its insurance, cost having a stand VAT of about 20% which makes around 70/month - 1.95$ - 0.02.

  • VAT Refund (Return):

In case the business is registered already with the VAT then they can get a refund on such tax by calculating it using the formula of 320/month - 1.87 - 0.1.

If a product is exclusive of the VAT i.e this tax is not applicable on the product then the customer can file for the VAT return, the amount is then calculated by 40/month - 3.50$ - 0.13.

  • VAT tax Calculator UK:

All the products and services on which the VAT is applied in the UK are obligated to pay the monthly amount which is selecting by using the equation of 40/month - 5.29$ - 0.1.