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The Best VAT Calculator Ireland 

For any government around the world, VAT is one of the significant taxes: it helps regulate its revenue source. However, VAT calculation is not an easy process as it has to deal with the costs of all the goods: it is taken as the percentage of the total costs of things. 

VAT is imposed on the things sold or imported by the local company or the VAT-registered business. Thus, vat tax is also called sales tax. 

Fact About VAT Tax: The thing to be kept in mind regarding the VAT payment is that every purchaser has to pay it with each good or item they buy. The product/item/thing must be VAT-registered or should come under the VAT regulations. 

The company then returns this payment to the tax authorities: the more significant the payment by the purchaser, the greater amount the supplier will have to pay to the authorities.

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VAT Calculation Formula for Ireland citizen

The basic formula of VAT calculation is 1 + VAT percentage divided by the gross amount of goods. For example: if the gross amount is 30%, you will have to divide 1 + VAT by 1.30. 

VAT Calculation in Ireland:

Ireland's standard VAT calculation rate is 23% and three reduced rates: 0%, 4,8%, 9%, and 13,5%.

13% Reduced rates item: The items which come under the umbrella of 13% reduced rate are fuel, building, veterinary services, agricultural contracting services, short-term car hire, electricity, building services, and cleaning and maintenance services. 

9% Reduced Rates Items: These items include restaurants, tourism-related activities, cinemas, hotels, hairdressing, newspapers, etc. 

4,8% Reduced Rates Items: This reduced rate is mainly introduced for the agricultural area/field. It includes livestock, greyhounds, and the hire of horses. 

0% Reduced rates Items: It includes all the export items like books, children’s shoes and clothing, fertilizers, vegetable seeds, large animal feed, fruit trees, coffee, milk, and tea.

How to calculate VAT tax in Ireland: Get to know the best online Vat Calculator Ireland 

If you live in Ireland and want to calculate the total VAT tax you have to set for the goods you are selling, then considering using the best way is recommended. It is essential to use the best and most accurate online VAT calculator because you will have to make up your mind to pay a similar amount to the tax agencies. 

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Online VAT Calculator 

The online VAT calculator helps you get the most precise and relevant results for the VAT and efficiently deal with the cost of the goods. It allows you to add the gross sum and tax amount and provide the exact results for the TAX amount. 

Note: Online VAT calculator is a valuable piece of equipment that you can use to know the VAT tax amount. However, each VAT calculator is set on different terms depending upon the country it is set for; choose the one set for VAT calculation in Ireland. 

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Calculation Process

While calculating the VAT tax in Ireland. All you have to do is follow these below-given simple steps:

  1. Choose VAT calculation operation 
  2. Enter the Gross Sum 
  3. Enter Tax percentage 
  4. Press “Calculate” 

There you go! As simple as this, you get the most accurate results for the Vat tax in just one click.